After the end of the presentation of the IPSC Action Air World Shooting Championship, held in Sochi on May 14th, instructors and junior athletes visited 7 city schools to acquaint local children with our excellent sports. In total, more than 700 children from 10 to 17 years old participated in the master classes.

All members of the team noted that there are a lot of talented guys in Sochi. Especially in the Cossack classes, where there were almost ready-made champions: proper stand, grip, accuracy in their nature.

Andrei Kiselev, action air coach, head of the SPARTA Military Sports Club in Dubna: “Great guys, very many capable, especially the girls pleased: they move quite well and shoot very precisely. I’d say, Sochi has great perspectives in development of shooting sport, there are a lot of talented guys who definitely are able to grow to top-level athletes”/

Polina Runova, member of the Russian national team, 14 years old: “As members of the Russian national team, we had the opportunity to conduct master classes in practical shooting in the schools of the city of Sochi. Organization was top notch. All the guys were interested listened to and memorized the safety rules, after which they managed to hit the targets accurately. “

The master classes were organized with the assistance of Tatiana Andreeva, an employee of the Department of Education and Science of Sochi, and Svyatoslav Vinogradov, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Unarmia for the city of Sochi.

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